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Sunday, February 27, 2011

will you hate me

Will you hate me?
You smile in the two way wirrow of my eyes.
I put on my faith like I wear a disguise.
You can’t see my soul,see the life that I live.
But I show you the mask of the best I can give.
I’ve hid here,afraid,like achild behind,the truth of the thoughts that clutter my mind.
What if you knew,about all that I do?
The things that I think….the me that is true?

Would you call me a hypocrite?call me a liar?
Would you curse out my name?
Would you damn me to fire?
Would you know what to say?
Would you just walk away,afraid the me
I’ve tried to hide ,
Would too closely resemble the truth of you that lies inside?

I’ve been looking for answers since becoming adult,
Nopt looking for dogma to live like a cult.
I’ve been looking to live,I’ve been living to find,
Freedom from cages that limit my mind

I’ve been running and hiking and dreaming of flying,
But falling and stumbling never shadowed my trying.
So now here I am before God and you,
Shoeing my face and my true self to you.
I’m not scared of God,I trust God understands,
But I’m wandering if you will still offer your hands.

Will I scared you? Upset you? Frustrate you? Irrate You?
Challenge your lifestyle or weaken your trust?
Or will you see my effort?my passion?sincerity?
Will you see just a little of yourself in me?
Will you take off your mask so we can both be free?

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